Vasco – Bar and Lounge

Interior view of Vasco Bar & lounge at Artyzen Grand Lapa
Close-up of Cocktail at Artyzen Grand Lapa
Close-up of Old fashioned Cocktail at Artyzen Grand Lapa
Close-up of Kentucky Mule Cocktail at Artyzen Grand Lapa
Close-up of Moscow mule Cocktail at Artyzen Grand Lapa
Close-up of fishbowl cocktail at Artyzen Grand Lapa

Our Vasco – Bar and Lounge is named in honour of Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer who set out to do what no man had ever done before – open a trade route from Portugal to the East. Vasco successfully bridged the East with the West in the Age of Discovery, and now more than 500 years later, Macau epitomises the perfect blend of these two extraordinary cultures.

The signature cocktails on offer at Vasco are each inspired by his voyages to and from the East. In a toast to his travels, we invite you to try Leaving Home, the Cape of Good Hope, Getting to Goa, Gate of Understanding, Asian Fever, Beirao Sling and more. Gate of Understanding is a special blend of Chinese rice wine and Portuguese Madeira to create a powerful, strong combination of the two countries – all in honour of Macau.

Vasco – Bar and Lounge is an invitingly warm and spacious setting for drinks and light snacks. You may sit around the bar, where you can watch our bartenders in action and listen to stories about Macau’s past or relax in a more intimate corner deeper inside the bar overlooking the streets. Please join us on a guided tour of the route Vasco de Gama. 

Location: Level 2

For enquiries and reservations, please call: +853 8793 3831 or email:

**Macau students enjoy 20% discount privilege**

**Senior citizens enjoy 30% discount privilege and 20% discount during the blackout dates**

*Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is harmful to health
 Consumir bebidas alcoólicas em excesso prejudica a saúde

*The sale or supply of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited
 A venda ou disponibilização de bebidas alcoólicas a menores de 18 anos é proibida

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