“Happy People in Macau” by Carlos Marreiros

An art by Carlos Marreiros at Artyzen Grand Lapa

One of Macau’s most beloved homegrown talents, Carlos Marreiros is a cultural icon in Macau. Virtually everywhere you look, you will see his artistic creations – at the Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau reception on arrival and even on the wall of your guestroom!

A Macanese architect, artist, cultural conservationist and writer, Marreiros is passionate about preserving Macau’s past and sharing its stories with the world. Exclusively for Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau, Marreiros created “Happy People in Macau”, a series of beautiful, intricate panels that grace the walls of the hotel reception. Through this magnificent artwork, he illustrates the vibrant, cross-cultural landscape of Macau.

“This artwork panel depicts real stories and traditions of Macau in a joyful way,” Marreiros says. “In short, the joy of so many people from so many places who live in Macau, whether residents or visitors.”